The Train of La Mure

Stopped in 2010, the little train of La Mure will be back on the railways in 2021. After rumours, doubts and especially the important local rallying to save the jewel of Matheysine, the little train will finally find its way. Let’s discover again the great story of the formerly mining train, become a touristic icon.

A line to link the mining area of La Mure to its main client: Grenoble

In the past, the little train of La Mure carried out the anthracite from the mines of the plateau Matheysin to Grenoble. As a matter of fact, the anthracite is considered as the purest coal in the world.

Begining of the touristic train

After the closing of the mines, in the 80’s and 90’, it is the beginning of a new life for the railroad : the touristic activity. The railway, in mountain is a beautiful belvedere, a real delight for everyone. Every summer, the little train of La Mure carried out about 90 000 people.

The crumbling in 2010 : a vanishing dream

In October 2010, a big section of the cliff demolished the railway. The entrance of the tunnel and the viaduct of “La Clapisse”, spot overlooking the lake of Monteynard, is covered with around 3000 cubic metre of rubble plugs. This event marked the stop of the Little train activity.

The project goes strong, and will be back in 2021

After several years of a furious struggle, at the instigation of the department of Isère and also with the support of the local council community of Matheysine, the little train of La Mure finally finds a buyer to get a second wind to the railroad with the creation of a panoramic restaurant and a belvedere on Monteynard.

See you in Spring 2021 to discover again one of the jewel of Matheysine !

Petit Train de La Mure, chemin de fer
Le Petit Train de La Mure, chemin de fer de La Mure