La Pierre Percée

La Pierre Percée is one of the 7 wonders of Dauphiné. Discover its legend full of fantastic character and historical people!

A stone arch overlooking Matheysine

Natural arch located at the top of a hill, with a wonderful panorama view of the surroundings, you can easily reach La Pierre Percée in  2 hours walk. There are different starts to go to La Pierre Percée: from Pierre Châtel or from La Motte d’Aveillans.

The Legend of La Pierre Percée

Actually, this triumphal arch would be a crouching imp, petrified and punished by the Devil himself, because he failed a pact with the Duke of Lesdiguières.

He bet that it was possible to finish the wall building around the Castle of Vizille faster than it would take for the horse of the Duke to ride around it.

This magnific natural sculpture is a result of limestone erosion. And so, the legend of the petrified evil was created because of La Pierre Percée shape. Nowadays, Matheysine is still fascinated by this story.

Arche naturelle qui domine le plateau matheysin, la Pierre Percée