From Taillefer to Obiou

While they are not properly located in Matheysine, Taillefer and Obiou are the boundary of the territory and overlook it, offering breath-taking panorama views on the plateau Matheysin, on the valleys of the Drac and Valbonnais.

Randonnée au sommet du Taillefer, sur l'arête Pinelli

To the North, Taillefer, red and white

The massif of Taillefer is a beautiful lookout point on the surroundings as such as Oisans, Grandes Rousses, the massif of Belledonne and Vercors. It offers a wonderful panorama view over Mont Blanc to Mont Ventoux.

The name of Taillefer comes from the metal that colours in red a large part of the rocks composing the Taillefer. We find a big difference between its curve and stony summit and its steep slopes at North, often snow-covered at the end of the spring.

The massif of Taillefer has numerous summits, which altitude is situated between 2000 and 2900m high (Grand Armet, Coiro, Grand Galbert, Grand Serre, Tabor…)

There is a lot of mountain lakes to discover through different hikes, depending on the lake (Lake of PoursolletLake Fourchu, Lake Brouffier, Lake of Rif Bruyant, Lac of l’Emay…).

To the South, the majestic Obiou

The massif of Obiou marks Devoluy and Trièves’ border. Overlooking the town of Corps and the lake of le Sautet, the summit of Obiou, from its 2200m high, is an impressive part of the landscape. Obiou is fascinating and arouses interest of wild summit seekers. Its colour changes over the day and seasons.

It is a hard climb which needs care, and it's reserved to experienced hikers.