Brouffier lake, starting from resort


Very nice hike starting from the resort, walk along the waterfall, cross the Louvet Cirque and reach Brouffier lake. Please stay on the main trail, as you enter a very rich but fragile area. Nature deserves being protected.

Start from the station walking to the waterfall. On the waterfall left side, take the trail going up. You'll quickly pass near the 3 protected climbing walls.
You reach a small trail (which is a way-out of the Waterfall via ferrata). Then take to the right tha small craggy trail leading to Louvet shed (where wolves used to stand), and microscopic Prévourey lake. Cross the vale to the end of the combe. A trail starts on the slope in line with the river. While the slope is getting less steep, the trail comes closer the torrent and crosses it. Only few switchbacks to reach the other bank, and a right-side traverse up to the spillway. Step by step, you enter the mineral floor of the mountain, and finally reach to Brouffier lake. Take the same way to get down until PRévourey, and follow the left-side trail to get down on the other side of the waterfall.


10 km
Level difference:
790 m
Daily duration:
4h 30min
Level red – hard


  •  Pets welcome


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