Prévourey Lake

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Beautiful lake in the middle of a cirque of magnificent mountains. Many animals have chosen to live here, many flowers blooming, a place to contemplate.

The lake is located in the middle of a beautiful meadow by the river Gulliman, Prévourey Lake is one of the jewels of Taillefer massif.
Ecologically rich, home to a multitude of plants and flowers that give the Taillefer the name the Dauphiné's garden.
It´s a perfect walk destination for everyone, with either easy or difficult routes, Easily reachable, even for families with pushchairs.

Please don´t go off the path, and don't walk too much on the lake's banks. You are in a very rich but fragile area, Protect nature, it deserves it.


Free access.

Opening date

All year : It´s accessible with snowshoes in winter.


  •  Pets welcome


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