Guiliman Torrent


Impetuous mountain torrent, particularly beautiful and cold, nice to go fish and designed to get introduced to canyoning with a perfect track perfect for beginner.

The Guilliman is born at Brouffier Lake which feed it throughout the year. It gets down in an abrupt way to the station creating many nice waterfalls. It digs a fold in the Prévourey cirque and houses the famous waterfall via ferrata, easily accessible for family. Then its profile gets smoother on the plateau of the pass, before diving to the Romanche valley on Sechilienne side.

It´s very popular among hikers as well as local fishermen.

In short, it's a nice, wild, impetuous and alive mountain stream!
Near the waterfall in the village, you can see an old mechanical sawmill that was feeded by the torrent and has stopped working since 30's.

Opening date

From 01/04 to 15/11.
Opening depending on snow.


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