Lac Fourchu et le Plateau des lacs


High mountain lake, located in a rich area. Please stay on the main trail, as you enter a very rich but fragile area. Nature deserves being protected. Don't enter peatlands, landes, nor walk on the lake's banks

Starting from Poursollet car park, take the mood trail going down after the sign. First in undergrowths, it goes along the Sagnes pasture, just before turning left to reach up the beautiful Ornon field after some switchbacks. Cross the field on a small trail going to the Barrière chalets. Cross the bridge and go back up straight until the last chalets. Keep on without crossing the torrent, until you reach chalets above the Romanche valley. Take the trail that goes back up above, and keep walking along the river. Enter the vale, keep your left, the trail gets better. You come out on a field. Carry on to a peatlands area and take perpendicularly right crossing the river, and go up on a grassy knoll. You come out on the Canard lake. The taillefer is facing you. Turn around the lake following a trail on the right side to reach the Fourchu lake. Bypass it on right side as well, and climb on the front-side hillock (beautiful panorama). You meet the other bank trail (red and white mark for national Hiking).
Alternative route : a steeper and directer trail starting from Poursollet chalets leads as well to Fourchu lake (by GR50), avoiding Canard lake.


10 km
Dénivelé :
500 m
Dagelijkse tijdsduur
3h 30min
Wandelaars, Blauw
Type :


  •  Huisdieren toegestaan


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