Around Valbonnais


Walk across an open landscape of plains and vines, until one reaches the Lake of Valbonnais, which is a great place for a swim.

A walk which will take you to the discovery of the vines of the Valbonnais, undergoing a renaissance, the covered bridge of the Fayettes and its unusual architecture, lead you to a large lake with shallow water, quickly warmed up by the sun. On your way, you can discover the “minor” built heritage, the valley’s typical hamlets, and on the way back, the remains of a castle mount dating back to the Middle-Ages. From the school square, follow the GR 50 to your left following Siguret, Péchal, Les Vignes de Leygat . At the junction of Les Vignes , leave the GR and take the path towards Pont des Fayettes . From there, follow the road to the South to get to Les Angelas , then take to road towards Les Saugniers, Les Verneys . Then go to the Pont des Verneys up North. At the bridge, turn left on the path going to Plan d’Eau . At the Plan d’Eau , go up to get to the castle mount, towards Le Roussillon . Cross the departmental road, carrying on uphill. At Le Roussillon , follow Siguret along the canals to get back to the starting point.


9 km
Level difference:
200 m
Daily duration:
2h 30min
Level green – easy


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