The 3-lake path to Poursollet


Go off to explore the Claret, Punay and Poursollet's lakes by following a charming small path crossing a luxuriant forest on the slopes of Taillefer.
Up : 45 min.

Go down the road to Poursollet and park in Comboursiere (Military Monument). Following on from there, the path begins to descend, take right on a well marked way. After 15 minutes, you reach the Claret lake, the cirque and its small cottage. Continue leaving the lake on your right. The trail passes through another forest before reaching the lake and swamp Punay. Continue on the lake side; the road reaches and crosses the road to Poursollet. Then it´s introduced into the forest before reaching the lake Poursollet. If you don´t want to go through the forest, you can continue until Poursollet plateau, by crossing over 2 little wood bridge to the old sheperd huts.

You are in a very rich but also very fragile, protect nature, it deserves it !


4 km
Level difference:
120 m
Daily duration:
1h 30min
Level green – easy


Free access.


  •  Pets welcome


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