Rif Bruyant lakes


Hiking rather difficult from the Roizonne's valley, through the old hamlet called "Rif Bruyant farms" and leading to the high mountain lake with the same name.

From the station, you must go to the village of Mollard (direction La Mure) parking is next to the road. Follow the small path to the heart of the village and continue on the way to the valley of the Rif Bruyant. Let on your right hand the way to La Rochette. Continue to Rif Bruyant farms, cross them, the way becomes a path between two stone walls.Then, in the woods, keep going up to the Cirque just after crossing a dry stream; Be careful to not losing track. Cross the meadows (orange lilies and many martagón lilies) and find back the undergrowth switchback path. Cross the stream and reach the forest where there is a beautiful hut in the woods. At the lake way sign, take the left-side path that runs through the forest and goes up to the overflow of the lake. Climbing among rocks, don't miss the "wedding veil" waterfall on your right.
Take the same way to get down or climb to the pass by the way on the right. The way down has long switchbacks.


12 km
Level difference:
1025 m
Daily duration:
5h 30min
Level red – hard


Free access.


  •  Pets welcome


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