Former refuge of the Société of Dauphine Tourists


This is one of the first Alpine mountains tourist accommodation, witness of the tourism beginnings. It can't be visited inside.

This refuge testimonies the start of mountain tourism. "La société des Touristes dauphinois" (STD), founded in 1875, born after the schism provoked at that time by the Parisian centralization of "Club Apin Français" (CAF). In fact, some people got opposed the CAF, based in Paris being only responsible for promoting the mountain. So the "STD" was founded with the aim to study exclusively Dauphine Alps, as well for scientific purposes as for touristic ones making excursions accessible for everyone. So guides are recruited, uneasy sections of excursion are equiped, refuges or chalets are built. After some years the STD get 500 members and its action in many similar domains as CAF make it appear as a unique local alpine society fullly developped. From 1879 our community can benefit from a chalet arranged to allow long stay in Taillefer range. At that time, it was less confortable than today. On old pictures, we can see that an outside scale was there to access to first floor. Apart from it, the chalet has been keeping the same shape.


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