The sources of Les Gillardes

At the bottom of Obiou, the sources of Les Gillardes are the 2nd resurgense of France after Fontaine de Vaucluse.

A magical and relaxing place

In the forest of Pellafol, at the bottom of steep chalky cliffs overlooking the Devoluy, fresh and clear water springs from the rock: the sources of Les Gillardes, 2nd resurgence of France after Fontaine de Vaucluse. These resurgences, a geological mystery, have an important flow, in summer as much as in winter.

This magical and soothing place is an excellent spot to revitalize yourself, to walk or to have a picnic with your family.

Several easy hikes begin from Les Gillardes. You can discover 2 family tours devoted to environment with detailed signs. It’s also possible to see the hoodoos, by taking the path of "Le Vieux Pellafol".

Sources des Gillardes, 2ème exsurgence de France après la Fontaine de Vaucluse