Local markets in Matheysine

On holidays in Matheysine, start your day with a friendliness touch at a local market !

Discover flavours and local products, made in Matheysine

Every day, a market is taking place in a different village: La Mure, Corps, Pierre-Châtel...Take the opportunity to extend your discovery of Matheysine across local markets !

Enjoy local market !

La Mure market

Not to be missed, La Mure market is the largest market of south Isère. Every Monday morning, this market offers a wide range of products. A friendly atmosphere awaits you !

This market historically took place under the Halles, that were specially built for it. But after years, the market extended to the streets around the Halles district.




Corps market

Every Thursday morning, the market at Corps village takes place in its lovely streets.

You'll find a large variety of products (from local food to house furnitures, jewelry and clothes).

Do not hesitate to discover Matheysine local products such as home made honey, jam, cheese, chocolate...



Pierre-Châtel market

Pierre-Châtel market is traditionnally held on Sunday morning, all year round. There is a very pleasant atmosphere in there, between merchants, locals and tourists. 

Among the regular local merchants, discover the village's coffee roaster "Caldo Torrefaction", unique in Pierre-Châtel ! 

Last but not least, take a moment to share and discuss at the bar stand, held by local associations !





La Motte d'Aveillans market

The market of La Motte d'Aveillans takes place each Wednesdays, on the town hall place.

It will offers you fresh and local products (fuits and vegetables, cheeses, meats...) as well as flowers. 

On some occasions, enjoy tasting the famous "Champsaur pies"



Roizon-le-Haut market

Here comes a new local market in Matheysine : come in Roizon-le-Haut for its market held each Saturday morning (from 9 to 11:30 am).

Local and season food as well as home made biers, herbalism, medicinal herbs...will be at your disposal !

You'll discover a nice and friendly atmosphere up there.

Usefull information : You must pre-order on the website www.cagette.net, then come to reach your order on the market day.




Entraigues market

Every Friday morning, this market is specialized in local products such as goat cheeses from Le Désert en Valjoufrey, home made bread from the Fournil du Granolet as well as season vegetables directly from a Valbonnais garden. 

Meet Martine Jacquemin, an herbalist from Valjoufrey. She will presents you various potions (cosmetic, essentials oils, floral waters...) made up from plants picking.

In summer season, the Ecrins National Park offers special animations about mountain fauna and flora.  


La Valette market

This market takes place every Thursdays from 5 pm on the Church parking. You'll find mainly local products, of which the baker from Pierre-Châtel (french viennoiseries, Champsaur pies...) and the goat cheeses from the Chèvrevie du Jas. 

Enjoy the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at this tiny local market !