With three flood barrier and hydroelectric development, Matheysine has continued to developed its territory after the closing down of the coal mines and from now on leans on these different reservoirs created to develop and promote a varied nautical and outdoor tourism.

Lac du Monteynard, vu du dessus


Matheysine, an important spot of hydroelectricity

From 1935 to 1962, 3 huge water barriers have been built on Drac : Le sautet (126m high), Monteynard-Avignonet (135m high) and Saint Pierre Cognet (75m high).

From the barrier of Le Sautet to Saint Egrève (next to Grenoble), EDF exploits 12 production facilities and 6 water barriers which supply about 1 890gwh per year, so the equivalent of 780 000 inhabitants domestic use.

An information space on the belvedere of Le Sautet is open from July to August.

Sailing spot and nautical sports

As well as the energetic aims, the water barriers of Monteynard Avignonet and Le Sautet give birth to vast turquoise lakes, offering nautical spots with a worldwide renown.

The lake of Monteynard is the 2nd windiest spot in Europe after the lake of Garde. It’s one of the most important site for windsurfers and kite surfers, coming from the surroudings but also from France, Europe, and all over the world. From May to October, the boat La Mira offers cruises on the lake. Other activities are possible, such as : nautical ski, paddle and boat rental.

The lake of Le Sautet can be crossed with non-motorized boats, electric boat or canoe, allowing you to discover, for example, the beautiful gorges of La Souloise.

Planche à voile sur le lac de Monteynard