Lake Poursollet


Beautiful little lake surrounded by fir trees, easy accessible by forest tracks from Alpe du Grand Serre.

Lake Poursollet is 1649 m high in the massif of Taillefer. Near a small village, it is easily reachable by the 114B road named Poursollet road from La Morte.
There is a strong botanical biodiversity with a soil made of carbonate and siliceous essences juxtaposition. Many differents lands (weltlands, peatlands, lakes, and high altitude plains) shelter many different animal and vegetal species. The forest around is home to other variety. Peatlands shelter many amphibians and insects and make a very rich Alps area.
The fauna is quite exceptionnal due to many endemic species.

Please keep walking on pathes, and don't walk too much on the lake's banks. You are in a very rich but fragile area.

Fario trout and rainbow trout presence, AAPPMA Grenoble manager

Opening date

Poursollet lake is accessible after thaw. The road is closed in winter.


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