The memorial stele


Discover the testimony of the Resistance members of the village.

Even in our remote areas, the war has provoked many tragedies. Between August the 7th and the 13th of 1944, Resistance members were hidden in mountains. German troops arrived one morning from the top of the Serriou (on skilifts side). They arrested and gathered all men and took them to Grenoble. German troops also arrested 9 Polish Resistance members who had ran away from La Mure and were afraid of being enlisted. They were shot near this monument, 3 of them were 19 years old, two of them were 21, another 2 of them were 22 and older ones were between 24 and 38. In reprisal, several hotels and houses were burned. After that, German troops continued to Poursollet where other resistance membres were hidden. These members were caught on 13th of August, 11 of them were killed and only 2 managed to escape.


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