Signaraux snow area

The enthusiast staff of Les Signaraux welcomes you ! 

Ideally located at the foot of Senepi mountain, Les Signaraux area offers you authentic snow activities.


Snowshoe hike : Les Signaraux offers 3 marked paths, from 1h up to 2h30 hike time, discovering the outstanding 360° panorama over Matheysin plateau and the surrounding mountain range (Vercors, Chartreuse, Oisans, Dévoluy). 

Cross-country skiing : Take a great escape over the 26 km tracks, for all levels, across forests and gentle mountains... 

Alpine skiing : Les Signaraux has a small skiing area, perfect for learning skiing away from big ski station's large crowds. 

Snow kite : A specific area is designed for snow kite practice. More informations with the association Onekite.

Sledge area : Enjoy sledging on a special sledge area, at the foot of Les Signaraux snow area. 

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