Pork speciality of La Mure and surroundings, le murçon is a boiled saucisson with pork minced meat and bigger pieces, flavoured with charaiye, wild mountain carvi, traditionally eaten with potatoes.

The salted goat is eaten in autumn, stewed with potatoes, cabbage and other vegetable depending from the season. The goats used were called : reformed goats,  because only goats who didn't gave milk anymore or couldn't have little ones were slaughterd 

The brouqueton, kind of potatoes quenelle, is composed with mash, flour and eggs. To eat fried or boiled.

The oreilles d’ânes (donkeys ears), because of their form, are ravioles with the rest of chard to avoid waste. Actually, in case of bad crop, everything had to be used.

The meat pie of La mure and the marrow pogne are other specialities from Matheysine.