Murçon fellowship

On the famous Route Napoleon, between Cote d’Azur and Grenoble, in dauphiné, there is a mountain territory named Matheysine. This friendly land has been built over time through a riche and varied gastronomical heritage.

To keep this heritage alive, the Murçon fellowship has been created in 2013!

The Murçon, delicious boiled saucisson flavoured with carvi, is its symbol thanks to its originality and its authenticity, two words that represent our territory!

The carvi has probably been used by one of our ancestors, to bring creativity in gastronomy.

This brave man made of the carvi the main characteristic of the Murçon.

Claude Muller, a french writer, precises that both Murçon or Murson can be written. In the 17th century, Nicolas Charbot chose Murson, explaining that the word came from Latin muritia, then murissi and murisson, similar to saucisson.

The aim of the fellowship is to promote Matheysine through its gastronomy with the Murçon Matheysin of course, but also through the meat pie, the ravioles, the salted goat and the brouquetons, participating to fairs, markets, local festivities and numerous meetings of fellowships, in all France.

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