In winter

Enjoying funny time in snow !

Matheysine is a great playground in winter: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing on marked paths, sledging, sledging dog….

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big resorts, the alpine area of l’Alpe du Grand Serre, le Col d’Ornon and les Signaraux assure you a wonderful day or stay in mountain and snow.

For fan of wide spaces and untouched snow, plenty of ski touring or snowshoeing outings are possible on Senepi or in the valley of Valbonnais.


L’Alpe du Grand Serre

- 55km of alpine skiing slopes: 32 slopes between 1367m and 2200m high (5 green slopes, 16 blue slopes, 10 red slopes, 1 black slope)

- 20km of cross-country skiing tours, divided into 6 different slopes (2 green, 1 blue, and 3 red) and 2 educational modules for skating improvement and introduction to climb and descent.

- 15km of Nordic slopes at the heart of the nature, reachable in cross-country skiing, in ski shell or skins… to enjoy fresh snow and discover a new way of skiing.

- Club piou-piou: a safe area with specific material to discover skiing for children (3 to 6).

- 2 sledging slopes for everyone, in front of the Tourist Office

- 5 snowshoeing marked and non-packed tours.

- Equipment rental; restaurants, shops.

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Le col d’Ornon

- 8 alpine slopes (between 1350 and 1900 m high): 3 green, 1 blue, 2 red, 2 black, among the steepest of Isère;

- A ski lift, adapted to beginners or people looking for soft activity

              - 2 other ski lifts to get up the summit and discover a wonderful panorama view on Taillefer, Grandes Rousses…

- A "bamby", free access for your first step

- Possibility to have ski lessons with an ESF (French Ski School) monitor

- Night skiing and torch-lit ski descent during school holiday

- A sledging ground for young and a sledging slope for old.

- 22km of varied cross-country skiing tours through the forest (1 green tour of 2km, a blue one of 4km, 1 red of 6 km and 1 black of 10km with a non-packed tour for ski touring)

- 7 marked snowshoeing tracks (20km), at the heart of the forest of Chantelouve and next to the alpine and cross country skiing slopes.

- An orienteeing course is reachable by foot, snowshoeing or cross country skiing (dependeing on the season).

- Equipment rental ; restaurants and shops

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Ski nordique aux Signaraux

Les signaraux

- Pic-nic room

- 1 ski lift (1240m to 1440m high : 550m long)

- 4 alpine slopes (1 blue and 3 red)

- 26km of cross country skiing slopes (1240m to 1520m high) : divided into 4 slopes for everyone (from 0.6 to 15km long) with different variations possible.

- 3 snowshoeing tracks (1240 to 1520m high) : from 1h to 2h30, to discover the lakes and the plateau matheysin, safely in winter.

- 1 sledging slope for children

- A snow-kite area on La Pierre Plantée

- Many events for everyone all along the season.

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