Video in Matheysine

Discover Matheysine by an unusual way: in video and music, another way to see again and again the magnificent landscapes of the territory.


Fly over the land and let’s carry through mountains in winter and summer.








The first episode of the project “Playing for Matheysine”, organised with artists of the territory in splendid natural scenery. A real enjoyment to see and listen. Produced by Mesanges Productions.






Playing for Matheysine Episode 2 “Blues in Matheysine” : When marvellous landscapes of Matheysine leave some space for improvisation…







Episode 3 : Serge Gainsbourg’s song : “Les petits papiers” sang and played with brio in the most beautiful places of Matheysine !






4th and last episode of Playing for Matheysine with Mesanges Productions ! Stromae’s cover, “Tous les mêmes”, is a pure delight ! Thanks to the whole making team and to the artists for having shared this beautiful adventure with us… Well done !!