The Murçon

Boiled saucisson made up of pork meat and the famous carvi giving it its unique taste, the Murçon is a real leader of the Matheysine gastronomy.

Recipe and origin


The Murçon is a boiled saucisson which recipe has been created by our ancestors. It seems that the « Murson »  existed in the 17th century. Then, was it flavoured with « Charaïl », or did the Polish minors add this aniseed-flavoured seeds to bring the well-known originality? Would it be the contraction of … La Mure and saucisson?

However, it’s made of a mix of lean and greasy pork meat, carved into squares or stripes, salted and peppered, and seasoned with eau de vie and the famous carvi, which really distinguished the product. Then the mix is threaded into a natural bowel.

After a few days in the salting room, the Murçon is ready to be cooked during 30 minutes into bubbling salted water, with potatoes. It can be eaten, carved in slices, with salad….

The Murçon Matheysin is the indisputable leader of the Matheysine gastronomy. A traditional specific know-how guarantees the best aromatic flavours of the product and makes its renown.

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