Valleys, plateau, mountain pastures

Matheysine territory is rich of various natural ressources : plateau, pastures and valleys are composing the landscape of Matheysine.

The Matheysin plateau


Peaking at more than 900m high, it spreads from Laffrey lakes to La Mure. It is bordered in the east by Tabor and Grand Serre mountains range, in the west by the Sénépi and Conest mountains and in the south, by the Drac canyons making the border with Trièves. 

There are 4 glacial lakes (Lake Mort, Laffrey, Petichet and Pierre-Châtel), great spot of nautical and water activities. The plateau offers an amazing panorama over the Obiou, that overlooks the territory.

The plateau matheysin is historically marked by the intense and diversified mining processing. The headframes of Susville, La Motte d’Aveillans et de Prunières show the mining operation which brought prosperity to the territory for decades.

Mountain pastures


Matheysine is the 2nd pastoral territory in Isère. From Sénépi and Conest to Grand Serre and the valley of La Roizonne, it is around 26000 beasts (cows and sheep) living each year in the Matheysine alpine pasture.

The mountain pasture of Sénépi is the biggest bovine one in Europe. There are 900 heifers living on this 1200 hectares area, protected by one shepherd, Sylvain TURC.

The 3 summits of Conest mountain (la Peyrouse, 3 Têtes and Beauregard) welcome beasts to graze. Quite easy to reach, the Conest mountain offers an exceptional belvedere on the plateau Matheysin. 

Most of the sheep pasture are on Grand Serre and in the valley of La Roizonne. 

Vallée du Valbonnais

Matheysine's valleys

In the East of Matheysine, the valleys of Valbonnais are a large part of the National Park of Les Ecrins.

Entraigues village is the crossroads between the Malsanne valley that reachs Oisans and the high and wild valley of La Bonne, reaching the heart of the Ecrins National Park up to Olan summit (3564m high). At the top of the Malsanne valley there is Col d’Ornon, a small family winter (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing) and summer (hikes, mountain bikes) resort.

Below, at the crossroads of these valleys, there is Valbonnais village and its lake, ideal for relaxing and leisure time.

The last valley is the Roizonne valley, very rustic, going up to Alpe du Grand Serre station.