Historical event in Matheysine, Napoleon meets the royal troop in Laffrey.

La Prairie de la Rencontre

On his return from the island of Elba, in early March 1815, the emperor crossed the Alpes before reaching Corps where he slept one night. The 7th March, after a triumphal welcome in La Mure, he crossed the plateau Matheysin and met the royal troop of Louis XVIII in Laffrey, who had come to arrest him.

Moving forward the troop, disarmed, Napoleon pronounced this famous sentence : “Soldier, if there is one among you who wants to kill his emperor, here I am” and the soldiers of the king united with him.

This place is called “La Prairie de la Rencontre” since. Dominated by the impressive equestrian statue bearing the effigy of the Emperor, it marks a major stopover on the famous “Route Napoleon”.

Every year, on March 7th, the inhabitants of the territory meet at this place to celebrate the event.