Olivier Messiaen is one of the most famous compositors of the 20th century. Every summer, he chose Dauphiné as a land of creativity. Mountains, lakes of Laffrey and birds were an inexhaustible source of inspiration during 50 years.

Famous compositor of the 20th century, Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) has transposed the singing of the birds. Passionate of ornithology, he loved particularly to relax in his house of Petichet, bought in 1936. Between lakes and mountains, every summer, during 50 years, Olivier Messiaen listened to the twittering- and the birdsinging . Around 400 singings are hidden in his compositions ! Messian said: In the musical hierarchy, birds are the greatest musicians of the world.

Today, situated in the Natural and sensitive space of Saint Théoffrey, his house “Messiaen’s house” is a place dedicated to the musician and a residence of artists since 2016.