La Combe Oursière


A mountain hike but accessible, allowing you to discover the valley from another angle, and a curious half-barrel hut, dating from the 1950s.

From Valsenestre, car park at the entrance to the village, do not enter the village. Follow the uphill track for 1 km on the GR54B, pass the sign marking the limit of the protected area of ​​the Ecrins National Park and shortly after turn right on the forest path (directional beacon) towards the Combe Oursière cabin.
After 650m of elevation on the path that winds through the valley, you will come to a small hut that can serve as a shelter.

Not to be missed: The path branching off to the left leading to the belvedere over the cirque of Valsenestre (hamlet of Valjouffrey).

Combe Oursière would refer to the presence of bears in the valley. In 1800, about thirty bears still lived in Oisans and its region.


9 km
Positive level difference:
745 m
Daily duration:


Free access.


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