Around the lake of Petichet


This walk is an invitation to discover the open landscapes of the Matheysin Plateau, views over the lake with the green fields of the neighbouring hills.
Altitude climb + : 150 m
Loop : 2h15
Start : Saint-Théoffrey-Plage
Difficulty : medium Map : Top 25 IGN 3336OT La Mure Valbonnais Trail map « La Matheysine »

Alternating between the banks of the lake and further lookout points, this walk, accessible to all, will give you a global view of the area and take you to the discovery of hidden parts of our heritage, such as the remains of the Roman Chapel of SaintThéoffrey. From Saint-Théoffrey-Plage , follow Saint-Théoffrey – Les Berlious , via Petichet, Le Pré Rond, Les Gonthéaumes and Touche et Bouis . From Berlioux , follow Les Théneaux via Serre de la Crois , Eglise Romane, Le Pré de l’Essart, La Croix des Théneaux and Moularet et Rapaille . At the junction Les Mollies , return to Saint-Théoffrey-Plage via Champ du Lac and La Fayolle .


7 km
Positive level difference:
150 m


Free of charge.

Opening date

All year round.