La Pierre Percée


The Pierre Percée is one of the seven wonders of the Dauphiné, the quiet keeper of the nearby massifs of the Connex and of the Senépi.
Altitude Climb + : 265 m Outward walk : 1h30
Start : La Motte d’Aveillans (Les Georges)
Difficulté : facile Map : Top 25 IGN 3336OT La Mure Valbonnais Trail map « La Matheysine »

This short and easy walk on the Matheysin Plateau takes you to the Pierre Percée, a natural arch located at the top of the Creys hill. This triumphal arch is supposedly a crouching demon, petrified here by the devil after losing a bet with the Duke of Lesdiquières. From this lookout point, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the entire Matheysine! From Les Georges , follow La Pierre Percée via Roche Corbeyre and Serre de Lozier . Return by the same route or by t he Plan de la Rivoire . Alternative route via Serre de la Vache From Les Georges , follow La Pierre Percée via La Grandraye, Les Taverdons and Le Serre de la Vache . Return to Georges via Serre de Lozier . Add an extra 15 minutes’ walk.


6 km
Positive level difference:
265 m
Daily duration:
1h 40min



Opening date

All year round.


  •  Pets welcome