Multi-pitch climbing route "Un point c´est tout !"


6 pitches, maximum grade is 6a. 50m rope. 12 quickdraw.
Please note you enter in a rich but fragile area. If you suspect any raptor nesting, don't insist and don't create new paths.

Pascal HUSS - Lucas FALCO

Alpe du Grand Serre

Cartography :
IGN Top 25 33 36 OT

3 to 4 hours (gneiss rock)


Road access:
Reach the resort of Alpe du grand Serre

Pedestrian access :
From the parking of Via ferrata, follow "cabane du Périmètre". Before crossing the river, climb left in the forest on a cairns-marked path leading to the foot of the wall (1 hour / 1 hour and 30 minutes from the parking)

Quotation : (tbc)
P1:6a - P2:5b/c - P3:5b+ - P4:5b/c - P5:6a - P6:5c

Equipment :
50 m. rope + quickdraw(12)


From the top of the route Go in horizontal traverse on the left to find the belay station (50m), then follow the cairns until you reach a breach (cut pine). Turn left on a scree along the wall to a grass-covered area. Take right the grass-covered slopes. Continue down the corridor to the left. Down the corridor, an horizontal path leads to the approach way (The whole way down is marked with cairns).


Free access.

Opening date

From 01/04 to 30/11.
Depending on snow conditions.


  •  Defibrillator
  •  Picnic area
  •  Restaurant
  •  Car park
  •  Public WC
  •  Motorhomes allowed
  •  Coach access
  •  Accommodation
  •  Bar


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